Road and rail transport

We rely on partnerships with renowned road, rail and river transport companies, so we can meet the demands of our clients for organizing the transponder both on the Romanian territory and internationally.


Depending on customer requirements, we can provide both containerized road transport solutions and conventional road transport (truck with tarpaulin).

We organize containerized road transport for any destination in Romania from / to Constanta Port.

Carriage of goods in a lorry with tarpaulin is the most common mode of transport by land. Transferring the cargo from the container to the truck and delivering it to the specified destination is one of the advantages offered by SEA CONTAINER GROUP through its logistics terminal. The network of transport partners we work with ensures the right prices and the prompt and safe delivery of our customers’ goods.

We offer, on request, groupage solutions to and from any national or international destination (Europe).


Rail transport is a safe, economical and environmentally friendly transport. We know that rail transport is more advantageous for some categories of merchandise, which is why we are committed to intermediating for our customers the transport of goods by rail under the conditions specified by them.


Among the transportation services we can provide, including river transport on the barge. At the request of our clients, we can organize the transport of goods (containerized or bulk) on the Danube to different destinations.

For price offers for rail or river transport, do not hesitate to contact us.

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