Storage and logistics

Strategically located in Constanta Port South Agigea, the “Blue Warehouse” logistics center, allows SEA CONTAINER GROUP to provide its customers with modern storage spaces, qualified personnel and various equipment for handling goods, regardless of their type.

“Blue Warehouse” means:


  • 3062 sqm office space
  • 9407sqm covered store

The warehouse includes warehousing facilities under customs supervision and appropriate storage facilities under controlled temperature conditions (special sockets for connecting refrigerated containers). The warehouse is also equipped with a modern fire prevention system with flow valves and heat sensors.

Customers’ goods are safe due to the high security of the warehouse: 24/24 guard and permanent video control inside and outside the warehouse (surveillance cameras with night system).


  • 39500 sqm concrete platform discovered for storage of merchandise and full / empty containers
  • 35474 sqm new logistics platform designed for heavy traffic and arranged for various logistics operations. The extension of platform will be finalized until end of 2017.
  • 36562 sqm logistics platform situated in Radacina Mol II, Terminal RO- RO.


Sea Container Group owns modern cargo handling equipment:

  • Reach stacker – 45 t payload;
  • Forklift – payload 25 t;
  • Forklift trucks 1,5 t – 8 t – for the handling of any kind of goods (pipes, metal coils and other metallurgical products, sizes or special packages, rolls of paper, food of non-animal origin, etc.). )
  • Inflating machines;
  • Mobile and fixed ramps.


The clients of SEA CONTAINER GROUP companies can benefit from logistics services such as:

  • Storage of goods and containers full / empty, short and long term;
  • Cargo handling (we handle any kind of general merchandise: palletized, unpalletized, big bags, packing, boxes, boxes and rolled products – table rollers, pipes, paper rolls and wood products – logs, lumber etc;
  • Container handling: 20 ‘, 40’, 45 ‘including special containers (if applicable);
  • Loading and unloading goods into / out of CFR freight wagons;
  • Transshipment cargo from container to truck with tarpaulin and vice versa;
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of goods;
  • Labeling, packaging, palletizing, sorting, sorting;
  • Ordering, inventory and inventory management;
  • Specialized transport and logistics services for the auto-moto industry.

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