Customs clearance

In case the imports, exports or transit of goods in Constanta Port, the presence of the authorized customs clearance is required.

The role of the customs comissioner, as well as the relationship between economic agents and customs authorities, can be found in detail on the web page of our commissioner:

Depending on your needs and regardless of the type of merchandise operated (general, oversized, bulk, project cargo, etc), our company can provide you with customs comissioning services, providing the following types of services:

  • Preparation of customs import declarations
  • Preparation of customs export declarations
  • Preparation of T2L customs declarations
  • Preparation of customs transit declarations
  • Completion of TIR cards
  • Specialized consulting regarding the legislation in force and the documents necessary to complete the customs formalities
  • Assistance in obtaining the certificates and other documents necessary for carrying out customers clearance procedures
  • Submitting the transport and payment documents to the customs authority
  • Obtaining phyto-sanitary documents
  • Customs assistance at the request of the customs authorities

Our team includes experienced, well-trained customs commissioners available to trained customs commissioners accesible to analyze your requirements and provide you with the most appropriate solutions for an efficient customs clearance process.

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