Handling and logistics

Sea Container Group has expanded its field of activity, currently offering its customers freight handling services. From the series of goods handled inside our company, we mention:

  • Handling bulk goods;
  • Handling of containers (20’, 40’, 45’ – including special containers);
  • Direct and indirect transhipment;
  • Handling large goods;
  • Handling big bags;
  • Pallet and unpalled goods;
  • Handling laminated goods;
  • Leafing palletized goods;


The company is committed to providing its clients with premium services in the field of port logistics. We list services from our sphere of activities, namely:

  • Loading/ unloading goods in direct and indiret transshipment from/ to the ship/ barge/ car/ wagons;
  • Loading/ unloading special equipment oversized;
  • Freight storage and full/ empty containers for short and long term under customs supervision;
  • Containerized and decontainerized of goods;
  • Labeling, packaging, palletizing, wrapping, sorting;
  • Weighing services;
  • Special transport and logistics services for the automotive industry;
  • Customs commissioning;
  • Vessel operating agency
  • International freight forwarding;


  • Mobile port crane – 104 tf;
  • 3 reach stackers (1×45 to and 2×46 to);
  • 2 heavy-duty forklifts (1×25 to and 1×32 to);
  • 16 low tonnage forklifts (1,5 to 8 tonnes);
  • Wrap machine;
  • 2 TUGS trucks;
  • Mobile platforms used for loading cargo into containers;
  • Authorized weighing equipment (for issuing SOLAS/ VGM tickets);
  • Special accessories for handling paper rolls, pipes and sheet rolls;

Bulk and containerized freight terminals

Sea Container Group offers to its customers bulk import, export and transit services. Thus, from the sphere of activities we list the handling and storage of bulk goods, by loading and unloading from/ to the ship/ barge.

The operating capacity in the previous year was 514 874, 599 tonnes in the case of bulk goods.

The operational berths for the two terminals are located in the South Constanta Port. The location of the terminals facilitates the access of the means of land transport along with the good connection with the railway and port road infrastructure, constituting an essential advantage.

  • 2 operating berths: D119 and D120;
  • Length of the docks: 308 meters, respectively 203 meters;
  • Water depth: 12.5 – 13.5 meters;
  • Rail access: 2 lines;
  • Optimal road access;
  • ISPS implemented;
  • Video surveillance and security provided by specialized security; company

Operating goods

  • Equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Ores: bauxite, coke
  • Cereals
  • Sugar
  • Sulfur
  • Pallets
  • Big Bags
  • Laminates: pipes, rollers, profiles

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