Maritime transportation

Our company offers you transport services in any destination you specify, for both export and import of goods. We organize the transport in both FCL and LCL regime.

*FCL – fully loaded container

*LCL – freight group – for customers who do not have enough cargo to load an entire container.

In the area of services offered by maritime transport, we can also operate containerized transport of general goods, with standard containers, as well as special containers. We also have the ability to operate and ship frozen goods loaded in refrigerated containers.

Custom delivery solutions include services such as:

  • Door-to-door/ Door-to-port;
  • Port-to-port/ Port-to-door;

Also, Sea Container Group offers its customers the posibility of operation and delivery regardless of the type of cargo: containerized goods, bulk goods, general cargo of oversized goods. We offer a variety of related services:

  • Preparation of transport documents;
  • Tracking the goods route and periodically notifying the cutomer;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Logistics services in Constanta Port;
  • Integrate delivey solutions;

Among the services that Sea Container Group can provide you, there is also river transport on the barges. At the request of customers, we have the possibility of organizing the transport of goods (containerized or bulk) on the Danube in different destinations.

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