Strategically located in Port Constanta South, the Blue Warehouse logistics center allows Sea Container Group companies to offer its customers modern warehousing facilities, qualified personnel and a variety of goods handling equipment.

Covered storage area

The store includes facilities for storinf different categories of goods, under custom supervision, technology for storage under controlled temperature conditions – spaces equipped with special sockets for controlling refligerated containers.

The merchandise of the customers are safe due to the high degree of security of the spaces: 24/24 security and permanent video control inside and outside the warehouses (night surveillance cameras).

  • 000 sqm covered warehouses
  • 3.600 sqm office space

Storage areas not covered

Sea Container Services, inaugurated in 2018 – 64.000 sqm of concrete platform, destined for the storage of goods that do not require coverage. Thus, the company welcomes its customers with 120.000 sqm of concrete platform.

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