SEA CONTAINER SERVICES had recently added a new mobile crane LIEBHERR, LHM1300 HD / VG Litronic® to its fleet, a powerful and impressive equipment with a capacity of 104 tons.

The crane provides a bulk cargo operating rate of 6000-8000 tons / 24 hours and has a lifting capacity from 18 m (100 tons) to 45 m (32.7 tons).

The crane, which is placed in Berth 119, Constanta South Agigea Port, will handle various types of commodities, from special equipment to cereals, fertilizers, coils, profiles, sheet metal, big-bags, etc., operating both barges and ships. If necessary, for special projects, SEA CONTAINER SERVICES can operate up to 180 tons in tandem with the help of a similar crane also located inside Berth 119. The new crane can operate in extreme weather conditions at temperatures between -20 and + 45 ° C.

Alongside the floating crane with which SEA CONTAINER SERVICES started the ship loading / unloading operations in the autumn of 2018, the Liebherr Mobile Crane will add value to the services provided by the company to its partners, decreasing time and increasing efficiency.